Mueller is "Special Counsel," not "Special Prosecutor" and the difference is significant.

Yesterday,  President Trump gave an interview to the NY Times:  In it, he sent a warning to Mueller, captured in the following headline:   

Jacqueline Thomsen / The Hill: Trump warns Mueller against investigating his family's finances beyond Russia probe

It is common knowledge that a "Special Prosecutor" was independent of all outside influences,  and could investigate anything he wanted to investigate.  Congress reportedly rescinded legislative authority for this prosecutor some years ago   . . . . .   or so we were told.  

I reported on this blog, months ago,   that a Special Prosecutor was out of the question because the law would have to be rewritten giving a prosecutor the same authority as in the past,  yet,  here we are,  with Mueller acting as if he has an identical authority as Special Prosecutors of old.  He does not.  


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Mueller works for the FBI and the FBI is under the President's control.  That's the difference between then and now.   President Trump has every reason to caution Mueller about going off the reservation,  when it comes to this Russia story.   Mueller was appointed to investigate Trump and his campaign as an agent of the Russian government  . . . . .  nothing more. 

Mueller has stacked the deck against the President,  hiring 14 partisan investigators,  not a single one being a Republican,  and is threatening to investigate the business dealings of the President going back 20-30 years.  It is time for this clown to go.   

Would this decision end Trump's chances of winning re-election?  I don't think so,  but it might play a role in Senatorial midterm election in 2018.  I hasten to add,  so would a continued and ever expanding "investigation" on the part of Mueller.  

Remember when Trump said,  "If I went outside and shot someone in the streets,  my supporters would still be with me?"  Well,  we are fixing to find out how true that is.  

As for me and my house,  we will help load his gun.   

After notes:  I am not oblivious to the fact that Rosenstein,  the acting AG in this Russian investigation,  would probably resign rather than fire Mueller,  but so beit.  Sooner or later,  Mueller would be gone unless Congress passed emergency legislation preventing it.