Make the case and fire Mueller. The man is not "Special Prosecutor" nor does he have the same authority, so fire this partisan impostor.

Reports: Trump Team Looks to Fight Back Against Mueller’s Overreach in Russia Probe

Just to be clear:  President Trump is the head of the FBI and the Justice Department.  Mueller was given charge to investigate Trump as a secret agent of Putin's Russia.  That was his only charge.  

Mueller wants to pretend that he has the same prosecutorial license as Ken Starr,  back in the Clinton Days.  He does not.    He is Special Counsel,  not Special Prosecutor. 

And Trump has every right to demand that Mueller stay on point.  That Trump's life in business is open to Mueller,  is preposterous.  This blog believes that Mueller,  with his exclusive Democrat prosecutorial  team  (14 Democrats and 0 Republicans) has the right,  even the responsibility, to fire Mueller.  Rosenstein would be the DOJ official charged with the firing.  It is obvious to me,  that Rosenstein would refuse, but, refusal or not,  this needs to be done. 

Rosenstein was asked about the 14 Democrat team this week.  He assured the host that partisan leanings does not preclude an open and honest investigation.  Fine.  That being said,  there is no reason to appoint 7 Republicans and 7 Democrats.  

Would the firing mean a case for "Obstruction of justice????"  Not at all.  Trump is not refusing the investigation of his supposed collusion with Russia,  now is he?  Not at all.