John McCain is diagnoised with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

John McCain is diagnosed  with an aggressive form of brain cancer.  According to One America News,  the tumor was removed (yesterday ?) with the need for continued chemical treatment. 

We all know that with this news,  the Dems have already had more than one strategy meeting,  hoping to take McCains seat for their progressive agenda,  much of which is supported by McCain.  

He is an Episcopal Christian member,  and non-supportive of Right Wing political thinking as well as evangelical influence.  That became clear during his run for president back in 2004.  Of course,  he pretended to be "conservative" in 2008.   His choice of Sarah Palin for VP was an effort to fool the right wing voting class.   

He has not been an effective leader for some time.  His opposition to GW Bush,  evangelical political influence,  and Donald Trump has qualified him for retirement some years ago.  

While we do not celebrate his diagnosis,  neither do we celebrate his life as a politician.  

We sincerely wish him the best of outcomes,  however.