"Ignorance is bliss" was never more true than when applied to the Alt-Left.

[Take] science deniers work... they don't look at the body of evidence with any real fair level of critical thinking. They just hold up a few conspiracy theories and manipulated facts to feed the special interests and the weak minded.

So goes the chatter from the Left (as in left-outs). They no longer believe in biology as taught five years ago.  Rather, they believe and teach that a person's sex is not determined at birth,  that "male" and "female" can be changed by cutting,  reshaping, installing pretend breasts,  planting new hair,  chemically reducing the size of reproductive organs,  or simply playing "dress up."   All this,  to them,  is real science.  

They never allow inaccurate weather predictions to change their weather related dogma.  They were wrong when it came to hurricane populations in 2006,  2007,  2008,  2009, 2010 - 2017 in the Gulf.  They told us the Gulf,  after Katrina,  would be dead for decades into the future, instead of being able to  support a strong commercial fishing industry 18 months after the hurricane.  Acid rain was going to kill us all.  It didn't.  The ozone layer was going to disappear and we would all fry.   The world's population was going to be drastically reduced by the early 1990's because of lack of food.  That didn't happen.  Hawaii was facing extinction because of sea rise.  Not true.   The foundations for the new Twin Tower Memorial was to be under 20 feet of water by 2015. 

Our elections are polled by partisan entities and are "scientific,"  yet they fail to accurately to predict election outcomes often  . . . .  2016 being a prime example  . . . .  an obvious and repeated failure for science.  They can't prove evolution in species larger than a centimeter,  but that does not stop them from pretending they have proved their point. 

They think speculating about the beginnings of our universe is scientific instead of guess work and philosophy.  

All this and much much more makes their complaint,  quoted above,  sound incoherent and, even,  bizarre.