Historically unpopular ? That's what they said before the election. Now they are lying, and, using the same failed polling strategies as before.

"Their" headlines read like this: 

Harry Enten / FiveThirtyEight: Six Months In, Trump Is Historically Unpopular  

Problem:  (1) in the districts won by the President,  and there were hundreds,  his popularity is at 50% and rising.  

Update:  Per a Fox News report,  in the districts Trump won by double numbers,  his approval rating is 56%.   

(2) The recent polls that have him at 39% and lower,  include 36% Dems and 23% Republicans.  Of course he loses when for every 72 Dems interviewed,  only 56 Republicans are surveyed!!!    Make that 50/50 and you have a president that is as popular as any modern day president including Barack Obama.