Global warming? What global warming?

Updated for content  (paragraph 2). 

 You can go to Brietbart News, here,  and read the related account.  I did and came away totally confused.  What I do know is what I see on this chart:  (1) Our version of "global warming" did not begin until the late 1970's.  (2) From 1975 thru 1995, the increase in global averages was .8 C  0 less than 1 degree.  (3) From 1995 thru 2000, we have a very modest cooling trend of .2 degrees C.  What we do not see,  is a radical warming trend.  Instead,  after the temp spike beginning in the 1970's (don't forget there was a "mini ice age" in the early 70's),  warming leveled off (20 years) and declined (the past 16 years).  

Keep in mind that "global warming" only occurs regionally.  Anytime you are talking about "global warming,"  you are talking about the average temp after combining all regions and striking an average.  As it turns out,  when we have a "global warming episode,"  some regions warming more than normal,   a number of regions remain the same in terms of temp averages,  and a number of regions cool   - - - - -   all during a "global warming"period of time.   This is why you can have one of the coldest years on record (2010), "globally," while having a record cold winter in the Midwest REGION of the United States.  In other words,  "global" warming is a mathematical trick designed to scare the population.  Take it to the bank.