Fake News story #225: Bannon is out !!

Joshua Green / New York Magazine:
Turns out Bannon was never in Trump's doghouse.  Remember all those phony headlines?  Bannon out.  Bannon being pushed out of the Administration.  Bannon fights with staff,  
None of that was true.  Not one word.  But what this does for those who lie for a living,  is to capture another headline,  if not but for a day.  That is what this bunch of crooks and liars do.  
How many lies told by the media?  Well,  I am on #225 and we are in Trumps 6th month.  Keep in mind that these lies are proven and,  on many occasions,  admitted.   Add in the 300 plus lies told by Obama and Hillary's non-stop lie campaign,  and you have a demonstrable culture that is not deserving of leadership.