Dems admit a failed strategy.

 Politico recently reported  a change in messaging for the Democrats,  proving the media lie that "they" were wining in their strategy to tear Trump down.  If that were true,  there would be no need to change strategies, now would there?  Instead of going after Trump 24/7,  Politico reports their new motto,  "A Better Deal."  Anyone want to bet that motto does not last long.  Sounds like something Hillary's campaign made up.  Turns out the Democrat Party has a lower approval rating (19%) than either Trump (at 35) or the GOP (at 27).  And the media's approval rating is down there with whale poop.   

Politico:   Democratic leaders are zeroing in on a new mantra for their long-promised economic agenda: a “Better Deal.”

The rebranding attempt comes as Democrats acknowledge that simply running against President Donald Trump wasn’t a winning strategy in 2016 and probably won’t work in 2018 either. The slogan, which is still being polled in battleground House districts, aims to convince voters that Democrats have more to offer than the GOP and the self-proclaimed deal-maker in the White House.