Democrats have nothing to brag about when it comes to resisting collusion with outside forces:

She is connect to Fusion GPS, a company hired by Democrats to dig up dirt on the President, and,  to produce fake intelligence given to them by a former British spy, Christopher Steele .  She also posted a negative article against Trump University, written by the NY Times,  just four days before her meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.  She post pictures of various anti-Trump rallies held on Inaugration Day and the day after.  

In addition to the above revelations,  we know for a fact that Democrat operatives went to the Ukrainian Embassy,  to coordinate opposition research and attacks against the Trump 2016 campaign.  In other words,  this is Hillary colluding with the Ukraine,  to defeat the Trump candidacy.  Keep in mind,  the Hillary people actually received negative information from the Ukraine,  unlike Donald Jr.'s failed effort.

And Bernie?  This moron honeymooned in Russia!  Who does that?