Its not a fake news story, but it certainly is irrelevant:

Its not a fake news story,  but it certainly is irrelevant:    I am talking about the relationship between Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions,  his Attorney General.  The take-away in this story,  but parts we choose to believe,  is that we have strong Attorney General. 

The Commun-ist Media (aka the NY Times, here)  wants you to believe there is a major split between the President and his DOJ.  All I see is an Attorney General that is not the puppet Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch proved to be.  Once again,  black on white crime will be prosecuted by the Justice Department.  Once again, cops will no longer be the accusatory center of attention within the DOJ.   No more private meetings on airplanes.  No more ignoring federal rules and guidelines on classified emails and data collections.   No more Black versus Whitie.  No more visits to the DOJ by members of the Muslim Brotherhood,  or CAIR, or the likes of Alvin Sharpton.  

Under Obama,  the Justice Department was radicalized to the point of excluding prosecutions of black on white crimes,  taking sides in policing matters,  and executing policies that freed non-violent blacks from prison.  

Back to normal as defined by past presidencies including Democrat and Republican.