An Obama appointee trys to be a problem for Trump and fails.

Preet Bharara, the Manhattan federal prosecutor who was told to submit his resignation along with 45 others on Friday, has no plans to do so — forcing a potential showdown with President Trump and the Department of Justice.  Just hours ago,  the Administration fired Bharara.  Make note of this:  There was no "showdown."  

Understand that Preet Bharara was one of 46 Obama appointees to the Justice Department.  Barack cleaned how in Justice when he became "President."  Bush did the same.  Bill Clinton fired 96 attorneys.  The ALL do.  It is common.  What Bharara thinks he is proving,  is not known.  He has no leverage and,  now,  no future with Justice.  

Who knows.  Maybe he is grabbing headlines to bolster name recognition for a future NY City mayoral run. But regardless,  he is an Obama ally and should have no place in the Trump Administration,  period. 
Text for the above came from the NY Times, here,  and original commentary from Midknight Review.