My latest war of words at Its part of the reason for my opposition to Trump.

Yes because no one ever gets assaulted or raped in city parks. Everyone know city parks are a crime and gun free zone, even the worst criminals abide by this commonly known rule.(sarcasm off) The one thing the last few years have taught us, if nothing else, is you do not get to decide when you need a gun. Just ask the survivors from the Christmas party shooting if they thought they needed a gun. He is not going to appoint his what 102 year old sister please, he has already tossed out names of some people he would like to see as Justices, you may want to do a little research before you come on here and make yourself look really stupid.
Read it and weep. Do you do any research on your own or do you just spew what some other moron has been spewing and act like its fact?
That was not even a good try.

Lets talk about who is the real moron, here. You support a man who is already backing off his pledge to deport the masses. Read his immigration paper and see if you can find a hint of his pledge to deport 11 million illegals. He ain't going to do it. Gun control: he will nominate someone like his sister to the High Court. He has already made that clear . . . . and she is a gun ownership hater. Apparently he is in love with the KKK and David Duke. He thinks the confederate flag (note the small "c") is a righteous symbol of some kind. He and Putin are going to get along "just fine." Wow, we should all be happy for Putin. He can't spell, but that probably doesn't bother you. He uses bankruptcies to balance his expenses, making him a first class cheat. But maybe you don't know how bankruptcy works for a con man. What the con artist does is promise and promise and promise to pay for goods and services received, knowing all along that he has no intentions of paying for those goods and services. One bankruptcy? You got yourself in a bind. Four bankruptcies costing 20,000 jobs and millions and millions of dollars to folks/investors/subcontractors/vendors who believed his crap lies . . . . . he did it on purpose with the intent of defrauding. Defense of that crap is what I call "moronic."
BTW, how is my post doing for research, fella. "home run" would be an appropriate response."