Reasons for rejecting Donald Trump as a pretend conservative:

Donald Trump's sister was appointed by B. Clinton and is an extreme pro-abortion freak AND Trump sees her as an example of who he would pick for the Supreme Court (See Politico, here). In fact,  Trump was pro-partial birth abortions until he "evolved" just before announcing he was a Republican.

Trump lied about Alito's support of his sister's stance on partial birth abortion, here. 

Trump helped put Pelosi and Harry Reid in power (here).  Anyone who supported these two is no real conservative  . . . .  and this was a recent as their 2010 elections.

Further ,  he showed his support of Reid's campaign to put ObamaCare in force when he donated to Reid  (source, here).

he has advocated government healthcare, a woman’s right to an abortion, an assault weapons ban, and paying off the national debt by forcing rich people to forfeit 14.25 percent of their total wealth. When the man married his third wife, he invited Bill and Hillary Clinton to the wedding, and he has given many thousands to their political campaigns and their foundation. He’s donated many thousands more that helped elect Democrats to the Senate and the House. And George W. Bush was “maybe the worst president in the history of this country,” the man said in 2008. “He was so incompetent, so bad, so evil.”  (source: here)

His four bankruptcies indicate,  in part,  poor personal judgement (Politifact, here) .  I believe they also indicated a personal disregard for the trust of those who trusted in your promise to pay.  Obviously,  you are not a businessman and have never been the victim of a bankruptcy.  I have.

Forbes tells us he increased his fortune via these bankruptcies by well over 2 billion dollars.