Why Obama cannot win the war on terror.

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<<<  GM is whole and alQaeda is on the run.  You all voted for this lie,  and two years later,  the lie is causing the world more harm than we can even imagine.  

“I think what the president was saying was that this is not about the United States and what we do.   ISIL is trying to make this about the United States. This is about all the countries in the region coming together to fight this threat. This is not about us.”  ~ Maria Harf,  32 year old,  novice State Department Spokensman.

Today, Thursday the 21st, Holder promised to pursue a criminal complaint against those who killed James Foley.  Of course,  Foley's death was a terrorist action,  not a criminal matter, Holder's denials, not withstanding.
The problem with this denial is, simply put:    al Qaea and ISIS and Hamas and the PLO and Boko Haram and Iran and the Muslim Botherhood,  are all “at war” with the United States according to their own declarations.  It is like being in a bar fight,  while pretending that you are only involved in a discussion group  . . . . . .   the Administration is that far out of touch.  But more than this,  we are not only “at war,”  the United States is at war.  Again,  all international terror groups declare their war ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  while the US stands in denial of their war charters and terror goals.   "They" say,  "We are going to kill your families,"  and,  we say,  "Sorry,  but we are not going to take that threat seriously."  We trivialize their war on terror,  by pretending their actions are only the random,  criminal acts,  of a very few.  

Why is this important?  Understand that if you are at war with a people or an ideology,  you kill those people or destroy that ideology.  When you criminalize terror acts,  you only respond to particular events.  Obama is not out to kill off ISIS in Iraq,  and because he is not about that purpose,  he cannot win.  As long as this mentality reigns supreme,  in the WH,  our military will only be used to put out fires,  not prevent them, and, that is a proven path to failure.  

AlQaeda,  by whatever name,  is infinitely larger in number and scope,  than ever before,  and this is the direct result of our terror policy. It is a matter of accepted fact,  that alQaeda has morphed into ISIS with an 80,000 member army and the status of being a terrorist state,  in northern Iraq.  

Afghanistan is a monument to this failed policy.  That war was lost years ago.  It stands as an embarrassment to the United States and its claim to be the greatest fighting force in the world.  And,  1,500 brave soldiers have died for absolutely nothing,  because of this criminal nonsense.   

When you don’t fight to win, and continue the peace you have won,    you settle nothing,  and ensure that you will be back on the battlefield in short order   . . . . .   Iraq is the monument this conclusion.  Winning a war,  in today's terrorist economy,  is never final;  it is always dynamic.  The American people need to be taught this lesson.  We cannot tire of war because the "other side" continues to grow and prosper its war complex.   As long as 300,000 Muslim terrorists (the size of all Islamic terror groups combined not including Iran),  are at war with the United States, we will be forced to maintain a strong military and fight for our very lives.  

In summary,  I want to emphasize this:  we have Obama’s Iraq and Obama’s war in Afghanistan as “monuments” to the gross philosophical failures of the Utopian Generation.  Man has not evolved into a more civil species over the past 70 years  (since WW II) and our leadership had best recognize that fact,  and act accordingly. 

Understand that we have no comprehensive and clandestine intelligence force,  on an international scale.  That is why this Administration is constantly taken by surprise.  And our intel is in disarray because this Administration no longer believes it is necessary.  So we spy on all our allies,  for heaven’s sake,  and leave terror to do their own thing. 

Anyone out there see this as the actionable definition of “crazy” or worse?   


  1. Says the guy who supported the president who let bin Laden slip away.... talking about the president who took him out... along with most of al Qaeda.

  2. bin Laden was as irrelevant as Obama is, today. No point in killing the man. He was no longer al Qaeda's leader. ISIS is al Qaeda, on steroids, and we all know it and Obama allowed them to grow into the threat they are today. Bush killed 40,000 al Qaeda in Iraq and left Afghanistan with only 80 Taliban. The main post, above, states the case and you offer nothing as a rebuttal . . . . . because you cannot.

  3. Bush killed 40,000 al Qaeda in Iraq = probably the biggest lie Smithson ever promoted.

    After the fall of Hussein's regime, no documents were unearthed in Iraq proving the Hussein-al Qaeda axis despite the fact that, like other totalitarian regimes, Hussein's government kept massive and meticulous records.
    The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency had by 2006 translated 34 million pages of documents from Hussein's Iraq and found there was nothing to substantiate a "partnership" between Hussein and al Qaeda.
    Two years later the Pentagon's own internal think tank, the Institute for Defense Analyses, concluded after examining 600,000 Hussein-era documents and several thousand hours of his regime's audio- and videotapes that there was no "smoking gun (i.e. direct connection between Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda.)"
    Fareed's Take: Who lost Iraq? How should the U.S. intervene in Iraq? Is the U.S. Embassy safe in Iraq? Expert: ISIS went for 'easy pickings'
    The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence concluded in 2008, as every other investigation had before, that there was no "cooperative relationship" between Hussein and al Qaeda. The committee also found that "most of the contacts cited between Iraq and al Qaeda before the war by the intelligence community and policy makers have been determined not to have occurred."

    But keep spreading the lie. Probably makes you feel better about all the women and children Bush killed in Iraq, not to mention the torture.

  4. I have the count at 40,000 and that number comes from an estimate produced by the Iraqi government.

    The wildly successful surge did not happen until 2007/2008.

    Fareed says we lost the war . . . . Obama and Biden say we won the war and does the European Mirror and many other network news sources. Obama told us in November of 2011, "We are leaving behind a strong and stable Iraq." Translation: We won and now it is time to leave.

    It is a commonly known fact, oft reported by our media, that Saddam was paying surviving families of suicide bombers, $25,000 per bomber and al Qaeda trained in the deserts of Norther Iraq.