Obama as the leader of a free and Utopian World, is an experiment that has run its course. He commanded the attention of the world, but had no concrete plans for effecting the kind of change he dreamed of.

Tripole (Libya)  in the midst of chaos
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Since our invasion in Libya three years ago,  the Washington Post has been busy with its rewrite of that Libyan incursion,  pretending that  “U.S. and NATO forces liberated Libya,”  with no mention of Obama’s efforts and directives in this matter, or his eagerness at accepting responsibility for the fall of the Gaddafi government,  reminding folks that he resolved the humanitarian crisis in Libya in "just 4 weeks"  compared to the years Bush took in Iraq.  We forget that we – the U.S. – went into Libya because of the deaths of some 300 Libyans,  by the hands of Omar.  Obama was “outraged” by these deaths and talk of more killings.  As a result,  we lead in the take down of Gaddafi and,  in the process, totally [unwittingly ?] destabilized that country. That is what happens,  when you "lead from behind."  Seriously.  "Leading from behind,"  in the mind of H Obama, has its perfect example in Libya.  In his own, small-minded Utopian world,  he "liberates" a nation,  and,  then,  allows internal forces and peoples to take charge and right wrongs that have existed for decades,  if not centuries, and claim their rightful place in the world's community of free men.  

In a March 23, 2011 statement that continues to exist at "whitehouse.gov,"  Obama brags about his timely course of action as he envisions this Libyan result:  

"Last month, Qaddafi’s grip of fear appeared to give way to the promise of freedom.  In cities and towns across the country, Libyans took to the streets to claim their basic human rights.  As one Libyan said, “For the first time we finally have hope that our nightmare of 40 years will soon be over.”

What he does not seen to know, and did not understand at the time,  is this: such a policy only creates a vacuum into which,  evil men move in and fill the void. A people need more than an innate thirst for basic human rights and equality,  they need leadership.  Leading from behind,  in practice,  is the absence of leadership and the gateway to chaos that will only be filled by evil,  if we take a back seat to the world's changing socio-economy.  

Update #2:  Mayor Rudy has said,  "If you are leading from behind,  you are a follower."  

Today,  three years later,  the United States has joined other governments and the United Nations in evacuating their embassies and moving their diplomats from that country  . . . .   things are that bad within Libya.    

Obama pushed for the same “take down” agenda in Egypt,  working against the Mubarak government and giving support to the terrorist organization and anti-Semitic governance of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Egypt,  with the largest secular minded, Muslim population in the Middle East,  would have gone the way of Libya,  had it not been for the effective leadership of its pro-West military. 

Egypt stabilized and condemned the Muslim Brotherhood,  but Libya has continued to deteriorate.  The circumstances are so bad,  in Libya,  that many fear terrorist forces within that country will align themselves with ISIS,  in Iraq.  (see the informative WaPost report by its resident Middle East expert and three decades old,  bureau chief,  Karen DeYoung). 

It has become common knowledge that,  as a result of our disengagement in Libya after Destablization,  there remains no effective and united governance in the country,  that it is at the mercy of any number of dissident forces.  To make matters worse,  we left behind very large cashe’s of guns and ammunition,  weaponry we intended to funnel to rebel forces in Syria as we tried to assist in the toppling of Assad and his repressive regime in that country. These weapons,  left in Libya,  are now in the hands of forces with similar interests as ISIS, in both Iraq and Syria.  

In the end, Assad,  with Russian backing,  has been able to resist the take-over of his country,  and,  the resident evils of ISIS and its Syrian based allies.  

Update #1: In concert with both the Syrian/Russian alliance and Iran,  Egypt is now working to develop an alliance with Putin's Russia,  with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi traveling to Russia this coming week;  all this while Obama continues to ignore Qatar as a qualified "friend" to the United States and Kurdistan in Northern Iraq,  with its capital in Erbal and it's open invitation for U.S. occupation of the international airport outside of the capital.  Before Obama is gone,  these potential Middle East alliances could very well be "long" gone and Russia's newly found influence in the region,  irreversible.  

While Egypt and Syria have not surrendered to the chaos Obama intended  (believing that out of social unrest and domestic chaos,  communal governance rises from the ashes), many Middle East experts see Libya in much the same light as a 1990’s Afghanistan,  steeped in civil war,  over-run by renegade jihad minded forces, and a center for terror training in the region.    

Obama moved against Gaddafi for the killing of 300 Libyans and, against Mubarak (Egypt) for much the same reason.  But the "resolute goodness of a once captive people,"  did not take the opportunity he had created  (they did not know how to govern themselves apart from their history).  Chaos ruled the day in Egypt and Libya,  just as it has in Afghanistan.    The Egyptian Military reasserted itself and saved Egypt,  but Libya and Afghanistan, have no such relief.  Each country is an qualified disaster as a result.  And in Syria,  as evil as is Assad,  chaos and unmitigated evil would be the rule of the day,  without a government that refuses to surrender.   

Consistent with his retreat in Iraq, Crimea,  Ukraine,  Afghanistan and Libya,  as extensions of his "leading from behind" foreign policy,  Obama does not react to the deaths of nearly 200,000 killed in Syria (and counting) nor,  to Iran's nuclear advancements; he continues to refuse to label either the Taliban or Hamas as terrorist organizations,  and wants folks to believe that the extraordinary unrest in the Middle East,  has nothing to do with his Utopian fantasies,  but is the fault of those governments closes to the several national disasters in the region.  

There is a reason he is the first American presidential candidate to campaign for that office on the world's stage.  He actually thought the US presidency would be a gateway to his position as the world's leader.  He promised the earth would cool and the oceans would recede,  if elected as president,  and he made those promises in Germany.  He made an appeal to the Muslim world,  in a historic speech at the University at Cairo,  after he was elected,  hoping to bring them into his personal influence as one sympathetic to Islam and its Prophet.  He promised "more flexibility" to Putin,  and was given the Nobel Peace prize,  based on nothing but hope from his admirers. He realigned our corps of allies,  giving much more prominence to France than Great Britain,  and the PLO than Israel and turned decades of successful diplomacy on its head,  with nothing of note as a replacement.  

The experiment that is "Obama as the World's leader of free men,"  has been more than an abject failure.  It is has set much of the world on fire,  and nothing can stop this infernal until Obama leaves office.  We will survive this insanity,  but - perhaps - not without great harm to our country and way of life.  

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