Why are mass shootings in our schools, almost non-existent in heavily populated, non-white, poorer, inner-city school districts? We have the answer (perhaps).

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<<< While Inner-City administrators love the hope embraced in the Utopian Fantasy of the Left,  they know that real/time solutions are more critical to the world in which they live.  

The long and short end of news stories concerning gun violence is this:   the reporting on the matter of gun violence, comes our way via Progressive/Socialist institutions and a nationalized print and televised media dedicated to a defense of all things “socialized” and/or distributive,  as to "final outcomes."   

The take-away to this fact,  is the reality that the Hard and Deceptive Left cannot establish its specific agenda and be honest at the same time,  so they don’t even try.  Specifically,  as relates to gun ownership, 
the Left is actually opposed to the second amendment, altogether and in toto.  It does not believe in private,  non-government controlled,  gun ownership . . . . . .  period.   

While they will deny the absolutes of this claim,  the fact of the matter is that they never stop trying to take away privately held, gun ownership.   Leftist activity ALWAYS exposes their true values and goals.  Actions speak louder than words,  in this case. 

Understand that they will use any and all excuses to limit or disappoint 2nd Amendment rights. 

Recently,  we have heard a lot about the “76 school shootings recorded,  since 2012,” an admittedly horrific statistic.  Never mind that a school shooting in the socialist/Marxist state of Massachusetts, has nothing to do with the guns I own,  4000 miles away,  on the Left Coast.   Never mind that this stat does not reflect the under-reported reality that gun violence and death has been on a downward trajectory for 20 years.    Never mind the fact that nearly all mass shootings in our schools,  take place in the white/well-to-do,  suburbs, and are committed by kids who feed on violent video gaming,  almost 24/7.  Never mind the fact,  that most mass shootings take place in “gun free zones.”    Never mind the fact that mass shootings in our schools,  are almost non-existent,  in heavily populated, non-white,  poorer, inner-city school districts.   Why is that?  For certain,  no one on the Left is asking that question,  because it does not go to their agenda of a gun-free society where only Central Control has the right to “carry.” 

But,  why the disparity between white/well-to-do school shootings versus poorer,  more ethnically diverse districts?    Three answers come to mind: First,  these [poor - more ethnically diverse]  districts have been dealing with issues of gang and gun violence for decades,  and have a proven methodology in place that deals with the reality a student population surrounded by the threat of gun violence.  Out of necessity,  administrators in these more diverse school districts,  need real-time answers,  not solutions that take in a One World,  Utopian fantasy.  No time for politics and one-world domination.  

Secondly,  a shooter in a Compton, California, or,  Harlem, New York, school setting,   knows he will be facing many within the student body,  who are carrying guns,  as illegal as that might be,  themselves.  Pull a gun,  in that situation,  and the response will violent,  immediate, and initiated by members of the intended victim population.   

Third,  Utopian Social Fantasy is non-existent in ethnic communities.  The white dominated socialist reformer class,  is all about the societal disconnect I call the "Utopian Fantasy."  They do not deal with real and immediate issues,  because they are driven by a one-world agenda that takes priority over the real-life issues of everyday, here and now, issues of health,  prosperity and survival.     This is why global warming solutions punish the poor,  because the here and now is not as important as the One World Utopian Fantasies of the Left.  This is why the "much needed" electric car is unaffordable to many/most within the poorer,  working class.  This is why recent coal-mining regulations will make home heating for the poor,  a near impossibility  -  again,  because no one on the Left cares about the here and now.  Transportation costs have doubled under Obama Rule,  increasing food, health and transportation costs for the financially strapped working class - but,  once again,  who cares when the Utopian Fantasy of One World love and peace are on the table?  

Other contributing factors and considerations,  include the psychology of white privilege;  quantifying and qualifying factors contributing to the racial disparity in these shootings (whites "do it" while Hispanics and blacks don't),  and the role of 24/7 violent gaming among a number of other contributing issues.    

In the end,  the reader should understand that the faux concern for peace, love and health are only strategies to the accomplishment of the One World domination of a godless world.  It's been this way from the beginning of civilization and will never change.  

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